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  work for you. 

We know one size does not fit all.

We understand each client is different and and thus the need for localization is key to meet the specific needs of the providers in each organization.

Hit That Noggin provides deeply skilled resources focused on the Oracle Cerner and Epic platform. Our services help healthcare organizations work more effectively and better leverage their investment in their EHR platform. We partner with physicians and end user staff to identify and understand their priorities and effectively transition them on their EHR platform while being cognizant of their time constraints.

Our goal is to maximize physician throughput and integrate organization workflows in a meaningful manner. We modify the build of the backend tools so they are in line with your organization’s initiatives, and deliver business outcomes that ultimately contribute to your organization’s bottom line.

Our strategy is to provide step-by-step guidance throughout the automation of Cerner and Epic and ensure longitudinal support by presenting best practices to our clients.

We aim to empower our associates to 1) understand the priorities unique to each client; 2) facilitate and lead discussions in regards to design, build, maintenance, and implementation; and 3) ensure the client is engaged and comfortable with all phases of the project.

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net new projects

Strengthen your team for a highly successful implementation.

We enable health systems to maximize their technology investment in the Cerner or Epic platform by offering services to help at any stage with your EHR solution.

  • Kick Off
  • Current State
  • Future State Workflow
  • Future State Validation
  • Testing
  • Go-Live

optimization projects

Build a healthier bottom line by leveraging experience and an iterative cycle of innovation. Our consultants can engage at strategic points during your project, including partnering with you at initiation and project planning, guidance with current to future state decisions, adoption and maintenance, knowledge sharing to your staff, activation, and project completion.

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venues & modules

We work with providers and non-providers to design and build the latest specialty-specific model content for these venues:

Enhance outpatient care with integrated tools for scheduling, EHR, and streamlined workflows, improving efficiency and patient care.

Optimize operations by efficiently managing medication dispensing, inventory control, and patient medication history.

Manage the financial aspects of healthcare services, integrating tools for billing, claims processing, and revenue optimization to streamline the entire revenue cycle.

Streamline surgical processes, from scheduling to postoperative care, for enhanced efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

Provide comprehensive solutions for managing health maintenance activities, including scheduling, tracking, and analysis of preventive care measures.

Efficiently manage patient information in cancer care, integrating features for treatment planning, monitoring, and real-time analytics.

Optimize the healthcare experience for women during pregnancy and beyond through comprehensive solutions and integrated tools for obstetric and gynecologic workflows.

Improve hospital care through integrated EHR, clinical workflows, and advanced features, ensuring efficiency in operations and enhanced patient care.

Streamline cardiovascular care through integrated tools for diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient data analysis.

Improve overall patient engagement and satisfaction, using tools for appointment scheduling, communication, and personalized health information.

Effectively facilitate laboratory operations, including specimen tracking, testing, and result reporting processes.

Enhance the delivery of radiological services, efficiently managing processes such as imaging, diagnostics, and patient data analysis.

Facilitate comprehensive analysis and visualization of clinical, financial, and operational information to support informed decision-making.

Optimize emergency care with integrated solutions, including tools for patient tracking, triage, and real-time information access, enhancing responsiveness and streamlining operations in the emergency department.

We add value by advising our clients in these key areas:

ehr it &

Optimize healthcare operations by integrating advanced technologies, enhancing efficiency, and improving overall organizational performance.


Optimize healthcare processes by offering comprehensive tools and systems that seamlessly integrate workflows, enhancing overall efficiency.

go live

Ensure a smooth transition to new systems by providing comprehensive assistance and guidance during the implementation phase of healthcare technology.


Improve operational efficiency in healthcare settings by providing additional skilled personnel, optimizing workforce capabilities.


Enhance healthcare initiatives through comprehensive tools and methodologies, ensuring efficient planning, execution, and monitoring of projects.


Improve users' proficiency in healthcare technology through comprehensive and personalized instruction.

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