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hit that noggin provides innovative, real-world solutions to healthcare organizations on the oracle cerner and epic platform.

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Hit That Noggin has a remarkable track record of highly successful implementations that have enhanced client operations.

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We fill in the gaps in your EHR with tailored solutions designed to streamline operations, enhance patient and provider experience, and reduce IT maintenance.

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Every one of our clients has engaged us again across multiple specialties when they’ve seen what we can do to drive their business forward.

Our process

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gap analysis

By identifying and listening to all stakeholders, we analyze the current state, identifying the gaps in the platform and associated workflow that are preventing the client from delivering their ideal service. We have weekly meetings with the end users (physicians, nurses, front office staff) to make sure they are involved during the entire process.
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future state analysis

We provide best practice recommendations on what future state configuration needs to look like. We utilize Model recommendations as a benchmark and share insights on best practices based on our experience. Then we localize in accordance with their unique workflows to meet their needs.
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integration testing

During this time we have the end users log into the testing domain and test the configuration end to end.  We create test scripts as per their unique workflows and ensure they are hands on during this event and get their feedback on what items from the design and build need to be modified. The more issues we capture now, the less we will experience during go live.
medical team huddling over monitor for training

end user training

We train the training team on our future state configuration and workflows. We do demos for them on what the future state configuration is going to look like and enable them to create content that will help the end users understand the system. Not only do we train the trainers, but we also work with their leadership team to understand how much support they need for our go lives. This includes training prior to go live, assigning required videos for end users to complete, and onsite support during go live.
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Here, we transition our build into the Production domain with the help of passive (does not impact end users) and active build (impacts end users) steps. We develop a cutover strategy (transitioning build into live domain) that will have minimal impact to the end users utilizing the system. After this, we provide 2+ weeks of support for the implementation to work through any issues or changes that need to be made.
monitor and headset, tech support

IT training & maintenance

We setup knowledge transfer sessions with their IT staff to empower them to maintain the system after we transition off. This is an ongoing process; From the start of the project, we encourage them to partner with us and do the build in the non-production domain, and then we have comprehensive knowledge transfer sessions where we show them how to maintain this configuration after we transition off.

  we hear you. 

great solutions come from listening to all stakeholders.

Our clients tell us they value the way we engage with all stakeholders — not just leadership — to connect the dots, driving solutions that are functional and meaningful to all end users. That includes clinicians, providers, non-providers, and ancillary providers. 

Our goal is to form a partnership with the clinical team, instead of the project being IT-driven. That’s one reason why every client in our current roster has engaged us again to optimize their workflows across multiple specialties.

Why Choose htn?

our experience

With more than 250 go-live conversions, 50+ specialities, and a wealth of healthcare best practices to draw from, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every engagement.

our service

We are highly responsive and know how to bring out the best in all stakeholders. Our goal is to maximize physician throughput and integrate organization workflows in a meaningful manner.

our results

We align your Cerner or Epic platform with your organization’s initiatives and deliver business outcomes that ultimately contribute to your bottom line. Our work has helped our clients deliver better care, a better provider experience, and optimize their investment in their EHR.

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